In an alternate reality, where a defiant Japan was bombed a third time by America during the Second World War, the world stage seems to have since taken a turn for the strange.

All nations disavow and destroy all nuclear weapons, having to ratchet up the arms race once more in new and inventive ways. The world accelerates towards its demise even quicker.

America, shamed and humbled for its actions retreats from the forefront of global politics. Instead it opens its borders to millions of Japanese refugees and helps to rebuild what it can of Tokyo – underground – whilst ghosts and radioactive ghouls roam the surface of the old city’s ruins. Neotokyo as it comes to be known, reimagines itself as a centre of corporate science right at the bleeding edge of R&D in various fields, particularly cybernetics and robotics. Their borders are patrolled and protected from the undead and the Chinese by the armoured Sentai army. The Koreas nervously ally, ever watchful of the Land of the Rising Sun, and the Raijin Sun Megacorp that lurks beneath.

Soviet Russia meanwhile, undeterred, continues its assaults westwards into the territories of the European Allied Union. Middle-Eastern agents, frequently caught between East and West focus their bio-terrorist attacks on Russia, the EAU and their odd mutually-funded foothold of Israel.

America’s first ethnically-Japanese president finds himself under fire from all directions. Made politically impotent by two hostile chambers of congress even as Nihonist extremists bomb Super Madison Square Garden, he resorts to declaring emergency war powers. DEFCON2 is activated and the US Kaiju Defence Force fly the perimeter of North America. The President-Dictator hovers his finger over the red button that releases the kaiju BIGBIRD, an untested experimental armoured eagle monster.

The International Moon Station, a failed symbol of global unity, lays silent in the night skies. Its scientists, consisting mainly of programmers and mathematicians, have not been heard from for many years. Russia and Europe both continue the moon works in secret, each in the hopes of using it towards building a sentient A.I, to help defeat the other.

The psychics struggle to hold back populist sentiment and riots grow out of control. Scientists are killed. Innocent lab-grown children swear vengeance at the cost of humanity itself. Viral outbreaks cripple the middle east. Two nationalist A.I take their baby steps towards the singularity event on a global chessboard.

Perhaps it’s all connected. The Doomsday Clock ticks minutes past midnight. A darkness seeps from the moon’s white eye.