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Experts left perplexed. ‘I’m sorry’, says boy responsible.

Somebody make a story where the protagonist is a young conservative who has to fight big money for the heart of conservatism. It could be funny and really fucking great. Okay okay maybe I’ll do it myself one day.

album out soooon

I have to write my current main project in chapter order, more or less. For whatever reason, that’s just the process I need to go with for this one. So when I get stuck, I can’t just pick up elsewhere on it. Instead I’ve been dabbling with other things/making excuses and procrastinating.

Well. After months I’ve finally unstuck myself and completed a problematic chapter in, like, a fortnight. It was no Meereenese Knot but I write like a snail as it is. It’s also been a year since I started using scrivener. So it’s doubly a celebration outchea.


And now for the obligatory tune 🎵