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Experts left perplexed. ‘I’m sorry’, says boy responsible.

You know I’ve lived in Manchester since before I was two years old. And honestly, I’ve always been a proud Manc through and through. In more recent years, I’ve made a half-assed attempt to get to know my city more. All the cultural sneaky things it has to offer that I’ve embarrassingly not made the most of, having grown up here spoilt to it all. I want to see the world. I think I’m one of those wanderlust souls deep down (Myspace Tom is my hero: he retired with the sale and now spends his life travelling the world and taking awesome photographs) but I’m not in any financial situation whereby I could just disappear into the sunset like that as if I were some cowboy in a Western. So why not root around in my back yard and explore the hometown that I love so much? I mean I cant tell you how much it used to annoy me when I was at uni and students living away from home would talk about places I’d never been..

Anyway, as of now, I’ve actually yet to do much, but I’m very more so aware of what Manchester has to offer me, and everyone else that lives here. But it just hit me like a bag of bricks this morning how much I really care about this city.

Today’s agenda:
– Longsight library to collect Bell Jar and sort some banking
– Manchester Uni JRUL library to get some work done (they still let in alumni, right?)
– Town errands
– Maybe get more work and writing done in the Triangle or something
– Apply for a school governorship
– Go check out a DSLR videomaking get together if I’m still alive

To finish on a totally unrelated note, here’s some Jimi:

One love,
Abdul J

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Hefty title eh? It’s the name of the paperback project my brother and a gang of his university friends have been madly working on over the summer and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s due to be released in exactly a month (publication date: September 9th, 2013). 115 pages long and comes with ISBN numbers and illustrations and everything, hot damn it’s official!

He’s received editor credit (as Abdul Choudhury) on Amazon itself but I’m almost certain some of his own works appear in it too. Click the cover art below to have a gander o’er at Amazon:


It’s £6.99 RRP but currently priced at £6.53 (7% off!) so do please pre-order a copy! The ‘Art and the Mannequin’ group are also putting on some performance shows around the country. You can get tickets to the play ‘Mr Nobody: A Cinderella Boy’ at the Three Minute Theatre inside the Afflecks Arcade, Oldham Street in Manchester here on Skiddle. Check out their twitter page (@artsmannequins) or website ( for more.

Now why is all this my first post? Because I’m putting on my proud big bro hat and you’re damn right it’s an appropriate a start as any other.

Peace and love,

‘Big’ Abdul

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