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Bullet point update!

Seth Godin’s Christmas Eve post about the internet summed up pretty well how I’ve been independently feeling about its effect on creative arts for some time now. I dont think there’s been a better time in the history of the world to be a creative and have the ability to share your works to the world. Especially as a mid-lister or a no-name. So many of the barriers have been knocked down. In most cases, the ability to compete with the big guns on price points and geographic availability of your works. We finally hold most of the power in our own hands. Click the link above, I found it a short reassuring and inspiring read.

– After burning through Nanowrimo (and not winning, but whatever), I finally took a few days break. I’m at around 47k and was starting to feel the burnout. I think I’ll get back on the horse again soon enough.

– Christmas comes again! Tonight is the much anticipated Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch! Last night I was telling myself that there was only one sleep to go, like a giddy child. Today I woke up at 7 in the morning and time could not be passing by any slower! Whatever the outcome, tonight isnt likely to disappoint. Been such a fantastic year for MMA.

– Pitchfork released their yearly list of Top 50 albums for 2013 a few days ago! It’s always exciting to see all the stuff I missed or overlooked. Sometimes they come off as pretentious and I hardly ever agree with their rankings (especially rap releases, where they seem to not be as capable of reviewing albums as well) but the lists themselves are always pretty solid in terms of what gets mentioned. And this year’s list was topped by Modern Vampires of the City, by Vampire Weekend! I’m absolutely pleased with that because it’s my absolute favourite album this year too. Great autumn album (was basically all I listened to for a quarter of the year lol). Check out the list, regardless of your musical tastes! The paragraph-plus lengths of album summaries means it’s pretty easy to find something suited to your own preferences. Maybe I’ll do my own Top 2013 Albums?

– In celebration of Vampire Weekend topping the list, I share a random song from their album Modern Vampires of the City. Honestly it could’ve been any song from it, they’re all brilliant. Hannah Hunt, ladies and gentlemen!

Enjoy the holidays, good people.

Hefty title eh? It’s the name of the paperback project my brother and a gang of his university friends have been madly working on over the summer and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s due to be released in exactly a month (publication date: September 9th, 2013). 115 pages long and comes with ISBN numbers and illustrations and everything, hot damn it’s official!

He’s received editor credit (as Abdul Choudhury) on Amazon itself but I’m almost certain some of his own works appear in it too. Click the cover art below to have a gander o’er at Amazon:


It’s £6.99 RRP but currently priced at £6.53 (7% off!) so do please pre-order a copy! The ‘Art and the Mannequin’ group are also putting on some performance shows around the country. You can get tickets to the play ‘Mr Nobody: A Cinderella Boy’ at the Three Minute Theatre inside the Afflecks Arcade, Oldham Street in Manchester here on Skiddle. Check out their twitter page (@artsmannequins) or website ( for more.

Now why is all this my first post? Because I’m putting on my proud big bro hat and you’re damn right it’s an appropriate a start as any other.

Peace and love,

‘Big’ Abdul

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