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How did I not hear this song earlier? My favourite busker covered it in town on Saturday when I was with family. And then I heard it again over the radio yesterday whilst with friends.

Portrait modelling for uni students. My favourite building and a tripod-mounted DSLR. Bad cigars and okay coffee. Pirate party. Captain America 1+2. Pizza, fried chicken and melty chocolate cakes. Central Library. Getting an old coat back. Good weather and B&Js. Mother’s Day. All in all, great birthday weekend, Friday included. Live, laugh, love.

From 2012’s All The Little Lights:

Camp Nano starts tomorrow. What.

Bullet point update!

Seth Godin’s Christmas Eve post about the internet summed up pretty well how I’ve been independently feeling about its effect on creative arts for some time now. I dont think there’s been a better time in the history of the world to be a creative and have the ability to share your works to the world. Especially as a mid-lister or a no-name. So many of the barriers have been knocked down. In most cases, the ability to compete with the big guns on price points and geographic availability of your works. We finally hold most of the power in our own hands. Click the link above, I found it a short reassuring and inspiring read.

– After burning through Nanowrimo (and not winning, but whatever), I finally took a few days break. I’m at around 47k and was starting to feel the burnout. I think I’ll get back on the horse again soon enough.

– Christmas comes again! Tonight is the much anticipated Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch! Last night I was telling myself that there was only one sleep to go, like a giddy child. Today I woke up at 7 in the morning and time could not be passing by any slower! Whatever the outcome, tonight isnt likely to disappoint. Been such a fantastic year for MMA.

– Pitchfork released their yearly list of Top 50 albums for 2013 a few days ago! It’s always exciting to see all the stuff I missed or overlooked. Sometimes they come off as pretentious and I hardly ever agree with their rankings (especially rap releases, where they seem to not be as capable of reviewing albums as well) but the lists themselves are always pretty solid in terms of what gets mentioned. And this year’s list was topped by Modern Vampires of the City, by Vampire Weekend! I’m absolutely pleased with that because it’s my absolute favourite album this year too. Great autumn album (was basically all I listened to for a quarter of the year lol). Check out the list, regardless of your musical tastes! The paragraph-plus lengths of album summaries means it’s pretty easy to find something suited to your own preferences. Maybe I’ll do my own Top 2013 Albums?

– In celebration of Vampire Weekend topping the list, I share a random song from their album Modern Vampires of the City. Honestly it could’ve been any song from it, they’re all brilliant. Hannah Hunt, ladies and gentlemen!

Enjoy the holidays, good people.

Considered taking a break day today. Ended up with (currently) an all-dialogue POV that was basically about Thelma and Louise. Go figure. Could be a keeper with some work though. Was entertaining to get down. Also managed to fix and ruin my sleep schedule within a 24 hour period. Awesome.

First Fires, the opening song and single from this year’s The North Borders by fellow Brit Bonobo featuring Grey Reverend:

Bleh. Horrible attempt at life today. Didnt get anything constructive halfway off the ground. Broke my record for least written today since I started, but I guess it was better than no writing. Which I was sorely tempted to do. Anyway, since everyone seems to be prepping for editing, I modified a plan created by the user ‘rhymebito’ (Blog / Twitter@ZerosJourney) over at the Nanowrimo forums as a template to create my own editing process.

In case anyone finds it useful, thought I’d share it here as well:

1a. write first draft
1b. immediate post-draft crit points, then sit on it for a while

2a. re-read and make delayed post-draft crit points
2b. label POVs [IDs, char# in/out chronology], matching summary post-its and rearrange til happy
2c. draft 2 rearrange accordingly
3. draft 3, cut fluff ~10%?

4a. macro content revision, print out manuscript
4b. plot holes, character arcs, coherency, pacing, desc.+dialogue, voice
4c. content revision addressing all crit points one by one
4d. repeat as needed until happy with draft 4.x

5. beta reads, address comments

6. micro revision, word redundancy, imagery, sentence tightening
7. print out manuscript in diff font: grammar, spelling, style consistency, read backwards etc
8. polish
9. final beta reads
10. final polish

- The numbers of the steps basically refer to the draft number, as separated by aim. Some have sub-drafts. They're grouped in relevant blocks so I can see the various phases of editing easier at a glance.
* 'Crit points' refers to me making a bullet-point list of concerns with my novel that I've made as I've gone along to address during the editing phase. I'm doing a mid-draft crit atm, with plans for an immediate post-draft completion crit (1b) and another delayed post-draft crit (2a) after taking a break from the project.

It seems like a lot of work, but I'd rather skip steps later consciously if need be than get lost in the process and feel overwhelmed.

Also, here is Come Down To Us, Track 3 from Burial’s new EP titled Rival Dealer (just released Dec 16th!). Pretty cool atmospheric stuff (and surprisingly upbeat for Burial) that’s great for setting a mood. All of Burial’s stuff is though, to be fair.

This is the perfect song for one of the characters exactly at this point in the story. Short POV, gotta do another I guess lol.

make believe it’s hyperreal

I cannot for the life of me figure out why this song sounds so familiar. Fantastic piece and performance though.

It’s past 4am and I’ve yet to put words to cursor. I will do it though before sleeping, scout’s honour.

Some days the ghost isnt with you. And some days it is.

Almost didnt want to do anything today. Instead I got the most productive session in terms of word-count in about 2 weeks. Also it was dialogue-heavy and I suck at dialogue.

What else can I say? Here’s a nice lazy song to celebrate.

Been on an immense Bon Iver binge in recent weeks, what with it being that cold autumn/winter point of the year. Great stuff for writing too. Doesnt draw attention to itself in a distracting way yet paints a very moody picture that cant help but inspire something. Now that I’ve absolutely exhausted the two albums, I’ve gone back to root around for more Justin Vernon stuff. Volcano Choir, Justin Vernon, DeYarmond Edison, the Hadestown album by Anais Mitchell he featured so heavily on.. everything.

So here’s a random gem from the gemstack:


For anyone paying attention, the above banner is the standard banner and not the winner variant. I never realistically was going to hit 50k in a month with the pace I was setting but that was fine by me. I was trying to learnt to write off-the-cuff and, more importantly, the discipline to maintain my writing as a daily thing. Which was hard. And is hard. I’ve kept it going. I only missed I think 3 days maximum in November and made up for those with additional sittings/words on other days. I just missed my self-set 30k. I sat down too late that night and ended up breaking it a few hours later (at midnight I was 29k+ from the previous day so I was basically on-target). Ah well, was still proud.

Now November is done. The pep talks are all read. The regional Facebook group is essentially disbanded. All the music that was previously appropriately inspiring-yet-not-distracting-to-write-to feels old and uninspiring. I’m starting the feel the sluggishness because I’ve ran out of all external motivating factors. I didnt mention, but I gave myself the added goal to break 50k with this novel regardless AND to complete the first draft on top of maintaining the daily writing habit. In fact the habit may be the only thing keeping me going at this point. I’ve dropped my daily word target to 500-800 words so it seems feasible and I cant go to bed without feeling like an ass if I miss it.

It’s 3am and I have yet to write my tenth word for today before bed. I’m at about 34k. I hope I have enough content to break 50k, man. 40k is looking reasonable but I’m going to need to discover another ‘event’ to propel the word count beyond that, if I’m being entirely honest with myself.



Didnt write anything yesterday or the day before, which sucked. Especially lame because I’d planned to go to the Nanowrimo group meeting at Madlab. Instead spent the entire evening failing to fix a faulty laptop which needs returning today. Laame! Also especially lame because yesterday was the halfway point when people should be on 25k if they’re on target. I of course, am working at half-speed so was expecting to hit 12.5k yesterday. And yes, that should’ve been in the bag what with me being at 12.3k two days earlier but life’s weird like that I guess. Came home and collapsed in bed within probably 45 minutes.

To atone for that though, I’ve just did my very first early morning sitting. Got a 666 word character POV done. Shortest one yet, but I’ve got the entire day to think of and do a second and third to make up for my shortfall. Hopefully I can turn this into a new routine and get double/triple sittings into a day. Who knows, maybe I can still realistically hit 50k. I’m gonna start going gym again so time management is going to get a little bit hairy. Yolo.

Bonus song: Die by This Condition (from Sessions EP)

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