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pray 4 rick, cri evrytiem

Somebody make a story where the protagonist is a young conservative who has to fight big money for the heart of conservatism. It could be funny and really fucking great. Okay okay maybe I’ll do it myself one day.

something something something about building my brand but really just an excuse to post a music video

Chip’s facial monitor flashed red emoji over and over. Anger. Anger. Anger. He stabbed the point of his longsword into the ground, using it momentarily to steady himself. Chip lifted it overhead with both hands like an executioner, the sword pulsing visible heartbeats of light.

‘And now I am become an instrument of vengeance; nothing more. The swift sword of retribution. The arm of god’s divine will.’

The battered old man raised his hands at the metal-headed youth’s feet and screamed. “Wait I beg you. Please. Spare the life of this old cowardly fool.’ The professor’s bladder had not relented to the same fears that had crippled his colleagues. Fears of disembowelment or decapitation. The old man was pretending.

‘Do you take me for a fool still, old man?’ Chip’s monitor flashed red.

The old professor dropped his pretences and chuckled to himself before slowly standing up tall. ’I’d be the fool if I didn’t try.’ He spat on Chip’s face, the saliva creating a visible streak of magnified pixels as it slid down. ‘You are an abomination. Strike cleanly.’ The man closed his eyes and looked up at the ruined skies above, through eyelids and ceilings alike. ’Don’t bring further shame upon your creator. No more than you already have.’

Chip swung downward, hard, at the old man, slicing him cleanly as requested. The chosen target was not a bare throat, but instead a knee. The professor exploded into blood and anguish as he collapsed to the floor once more.

‘My leg. My leg.’ He repeated to himself uncontrollably, clutching at his stump.

‘Your bombs obliterated my home and murdered my family. You butchered the man that took me in and made me whole again. You took everything away from me. Because of you…’ Chip rapped his blank facial monitor twice. It made the clinking sound of glass.

‘I didn’t make you a freak. I didn’t. I had no such part in your project.’

’The project saved my life. That same work will not save yours. Instead you will die a dog’s death here and now.’

Chip raised the longsword again and again and hacked the defenceless old man into a thousand pieces. His monitor displayed a green smiling emoji.

From the 2010 album The Wild Hunt:

Camp Nano started yesterday, I’ve yet to begin on that. Also National Poetry Writing Month (Napowrimo?). I’m more hopeful about that one I guess. In American news, the Supreme Court just dropped the ball on another shitty decision. What I wrote about that is below. HIMYM also finished recently and I feel very mixed and disappointed about it all. Believe it or not I want to write something inspired by that too. And then of course my new Rumi selection came in the post and the first poem has already blown me away.

..Is The New Black

citizens may unite but baby, money talks
and freedom comes at a premium
sold to the highest bidder
gavel struck by the robbers’ court
I hope you got that extra
extra justice supreme

and if not, make do with your free lunches
full stomachs and empty souls
watch them as they handwave away the dinners
these are not the tax cuts you are looking for
Paul calls the kettle black
or should that be ‘inner city’?
they swear to Christ, we’re all of us still equal
separate yes, but equal
the greens segregated from blacks

Abdul J

How did I not hear this song earlier? My favourite busker covered it in town on Saturday when I was with family. And then I heard it again over the radio yesterday whilst with friends.

Portrait modelling for uni students. My favourite building and a tripod-mounted DSLR. Bad cigars and okay coffee. Pirate party. Captain America 1+2. Pizza, fried chicken and melty chocolate cakes. Central Library. Getting an old coat back. Good weather and B&Js. Mother’s Day. All in all, great birthday weekend, Friday included. Live, laugh, love.

From 2012’s All The Little Lights:

Camp Nano starts tomorrow. What.

I wrote a poem today and it turned out a little too grim to comfortably share. Maybe on a slow day when I dont give a shit. Here’s one from yesterday. I dont write poems often, but I’ve been on somewhat of a binge lately (probably the most I’ve done in a month ever at a running grand total of.. five). This one’s almost a little humourous. Please excuse the Greek mythology: I dont mean to sound like a pretentious douche, I’m just a sucker for dead civilisations for some dumb reason.

I couldnt find the song I wanted to put up so instead I went with the mythology thang and chose this one. It’s by a Northwestern Brit so I’m a little partial but it’s pretty cool stuff imo. From the 2013 album Engravings, enjoy:

Labour of Words

a handful of words spill out as the axe strikes
Athena is born fully grown fully clothed
and the pressure eases for a time
then Metis the muse, no, rather the witch
begins her hammering once more
utterances reverberate in the mind
the head pains, groans for relief
clove it in two with your axe
or strike me down with a hammer
give me peace again

Abdul J

Sometimes when I write or brainstorm, I draw heavily on music for mood. Almost never for plot or narrative structure ideas, but just the feel of events or how characters themselves might feel. I also like to create mini-soundtracks for characters/story arcs. It gets a little trickier though because I want the playlists to consist of music the characters involved would listen to themselves.

So anyway, this song (from their 2013 album Cupid Deluxe) is basically like the centrepiece for a story I want to start working on soon. For whatever reason, the first time I seriously mulled over my idea, the entire series of events popped into my head almost immediately. Crazy how something so nearly fully formed can just jump out of your brain like that (shout out to Athena, I see you).

And on an unrelated note, a poem I just did.

Let This Warpaint Fade

The colours are faded, I revisit some old paintings
of landscapes that need tending to
and faces in portraits that have aged faster than those depicted therein
some I no longer even recognise
the skin is that cracked, the creases that deep
and the weeds so overgrown

I apply warpaint to an old friend become new stranger
then throw down my brush
no more
already no more
which idiot would willingly vandalise his own work any further?
let gardens grow and persons wrinkle
let it all stand untouched
they were young once and that is enough

Abdul J

Does anybody remember The Raccoons? It was one of those old 80s/90s cartoons (not bothered to check which, sorry). It was so-so but I used to watch it anyway because it used to air in the mornings right before school. I was listening to the end credit/outro song again after a few years. It still sounds gorgeously 80s lol, but it immediately brings me back to those school mornings.

More info: I recently had an idea for a story and it’s basically a throwback to those 80s nostalgic kids’ summer adventure films, in terms of genre. I guess that’s worked its way into one of the characters because I can just imagine her as somebody that’s in love with those sorts of films too. And the soundtracks to those films. Add a mental tangent and that’s basically how I re-stumbled into Lisa Lougheed’s Run With Us.

Hope you like it. Better yet, hope you remember it (if you’re old enough!).

run with us
we are free


I have been very negligent of this space. The video put to this song is unsuspectingly gorgeous. I looked at the wikipedia entry (because we all know that’s such a solid source of information) to make sure I got the titling of the song correct and came across this previously unknown (to me, I mean) tidbit, which throws the song into someplace new:

It was first recorded by Otis Redding in 1967, days before his death on December 10, 1967 in a plane crash in Wisconsin that killed everyone onboard except Ben Cauley, the trumpeter in the band. It was released posthumously on Stax Records’ Volt label in 1968, becoming the first posthumous single to top the charts in the US.

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