Does anybody remember The Raccoons? It was one of those old 80s/90s cartoons (not bothered to check which, sorry). It was so-so but I used to watch it anyway because it used to air in the mornings right before school. I was listening to the end credit/outro song again after a few years. It still sounds gorgeously 80s lol, but it immediately brings me back to those school mornings.

More info: I recently had an idea for a story and it’s basically a throwback to those 80s nostalgic kids’ summer adventure films, in terms of genre. I guess that’s worked its way into one of the characters because I can just imagine her as somebody that’s in love with those sorts of films too. And the soundtracks to those films. Add a mental tangent and that’s basically how I re-stumbled into Lisa Lougheed’s Run With Us.

Hope you like it. Better yet, hope you remember it (if you’re old enough!).

run with us
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