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to grow and die each day
and live the life of a thousand faces
each that would freely spit upon the rest

to twirl unceasingly
caught within the all-consuming whirl of dervishes
the storm chase writ small

ebb, flow, growth, …decay
our obsessions and indifferences
all the futility of flesh laid bare
like putrid brain matter that slurs words

you live today. scream it. you are alive. again, you are alive.

If you write something and it makes you cringe, it might be really good stuff. Or it might be dog shit. Some of this is definitely dog shit.

savour that last glass of red grape juice, sit on them youtube beat tapes and shred that celtx yo

writing is ______

stress relief
free therapy
a way to get things out of our brains
like having a child, except you get to be both proud parents
possibly the purest form of creation
a way to work through our thoughts

writing is all of those things.

It’s also a sneaky way to leave a small part of ourselves in the world forever. Our writings are our horcruxes yo. Word to Ralph Fiennes.

And with that, I’m outty.


Starting a new script tentatively titled London Coconut, aka being brown and thirty. The first one was called No Boxed Gifts and was about being brown and twenty-one. I’m on some Edgar Wright cornetto trilogy shit right now. Fuck with me.

Considered taking a break day today. Ended up with (currently) an all-dialogue POV that was basically about Thelma and Louise. Go figure. Could be a keeper with some work though. Was entertaining to get down. Also managed to fix and ruin my sleep schedule within a 24 hour period. Awesome.

First Fires, the opening song and single from this year’s The North Borders by fellow Brit Bonobo featuring Grey Reverend:

Bleh. Horrible attempt at life today. Didnt get anything constructive halfway off the ground. Broke my record for least written today since I started, but I guess it was better than no writing. Which I was sorely tempted to do. Anyway, since everyone seems to be prepping for editing, I modified a plan created by the user ‘rhymebito’ (Blog / Twitter@ZerosJourney) over at the Nanowrimo forums as a template to create my own editing process.

In case anyone finds it useful, thought I’d share it here as well:

1a. write first draft
1b. immediate post-draft crit points, then sit on it for a while

2a. re-read and make delayed post-draft crit points
2b. label POVs [IDs, char# in/out chronology], matching summary post-its and rearrange til happy
2c. draft 2 rearrange accordingly
3. draft 3, cut fluff ~10%?

4a. macro content revision, print out manuscript
4b. plot holes, character arcs, coherency, pacing, desc.+dialogue, voice
4c. content revision addressing all crit points one by one
4d. repeat as needed until happy with draft 4.x

5. beta reads, address comments

6. micro revision, word redundancy, imagery, sentence tightening
7. print out manuscript in diff font: grammar, spelling, style consistency, read backwards etc
8. polish
9. final beta reads
10. final polish

- The numbers of the steps basically refer to the draft number, as separated by aim. Some have sub-drafts. They're grouped in relevant blocks so I can see the various phases of editing easier at a glance.
* 'Crit points' refers to me making a bullet-point list of concerns with my novel that I've made as I've gone along to address during the editing phase. I'm doing a mid-draft crit atm, with plans for an immediate post-draft completion crit (1b) and another delayed post-draft crit (2a) after taking a break from the project.

It seems like a lot of work, but I'd rather skip steps later consciously if need be than get lost in the process and feel overwhelmed.

Also, here is Come Down To Us, Track 3 from Burial’s new EP titled Rival Dealer (just released Dec 16th!). Pretty cool atmospheric stuff (and surprisingly upbeat for Burial) that’s great for setting a mood. All of Burial’s stuff is though, to be fair.