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Been on an immense Bon Iver binge in recent weeks, what with it being that cold autumn/winter point of the year. Great stuff for writing too. Doesnt draw attention to itself in a distracting way yet paints a very moody picture that cant help but inspire something. Now that I’ve absolutely exhausted the two albums, I’ve gone back to root around for more Justin Vernon stuff. Volcano Choir, Justin Vernon, DeYarmond Edison, the Hadestown album by Anais Mitchell he featured so heavily on.. everything.

So here’s a random gem from the gemstack:


I swear, this isnt supposed to turn into a blog strictly covering my favourite live acoustic/stripped down performances. But I imagine regardless of whatever it is supposed to be, it was always going to have a bunch of them scattered throughout. The actual song starts just after 2:17. Not particularly new, but an instant classic for me.

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