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I think this was in Argentina? Definitely South America anyway, as is evident by some of the football chants nearer the beginning. Say what you will about Oasis, but as a Manchester boy I definitely cant help but be partial to them. Noel is great here, but it’s the crowd that make this seem so damn good. They’re with him the entire way. Song starts just before the 1:00 mark for those that want to skip in. Love the ending.

I swear, this isnt supposed to turn into a blog strictly covering my favourite live acoustic/stripped down performances. But I imagine regardless of whatever it is supposed to be, it was always going to have a bunch of them scattered throughout. The actual song starts just after 2:17. Not particularly new, but an instant classic for me.

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Been awfully negligent of this place. This should more than make up for it. One of my newest finds, absolutely infatuated by the performance. Glad my youtube/wikipedia binge led to it lol. Turns out she was the runner-up contestant to the American music reality tv show The Voice (season 1?).

Honestly she’s bizarrely spot on as one of the characters I’d imagined in a story I’ve been slowly developing and meaning to write (ie. stalling on). Well, minus the accent, nationality, ethnicity, age and general success level. But I’m talking about the personality, actual looks, style and mannerisms I had in my head. Even them both being musicians. Even their first names are similar. Might have to change that because it irks me. Wish this song was available to buy in a studio version. Soon, hopefully.

(I like the amusing conversational lead-in but to jump straight to the meat, skip to around the 2:00 mark)

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