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I think this was in Argentina? Definitely South America anyway, as is evident by some of the football chants nearer the beginning. Say what you will about Oasis, but as a Manchester boy I definitely cant help but be partial to them. Noel is great here, but it’s the crowd that make this seem so damn good. They’re with him the entire way. Song starts just before the 1:00 mark for those that want to skip in. Love the ending.

Sorry, have to get a little hipster this time. I prefer his studio version of this song, but I also like the unadulterated style on his live performances too. Heard a few covers that were done nice, but in the end they always sound a little too polished and sanitised. Justin Vernon just sounds like his heart is bleeding out. Such a classic album. I’m still trying to get around to making time to hear the self-titled followup. Dont know why I havent heard it already to be honest.

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