I lick crimson sickle
potent lifeforce
as openchested heartbeat fades
before me

Heat rises from what once was
he is gone to the aether with it
returned oncemore to the great mother

I wash my face in red
taste iron on my hands
and pray his sacrifice not go to waste

Skies cry overhead and ravens caw
I separate rib from rib by hand
and feed on heart
Oh great mother

Worm and soil drink up spilled blood
entrails strewn over branches attract more cawing black birds
how the gods and animals apportion offerings is no concern of man

Sweet sickle cuts skin
I wear the face of the sacrificed and kneel in mud,
arms outstretched under divine rainfall

Oh great mother
accept this human offering from me
that I may inhabit his person
and consume from it his vitality and his wisdom

The great mother surely accepts
the ravens above fight and tear apart intestine
and sky cracks and cries

I am blessed