Sisyphus painting by Franz von Stuck

Reject your models of what is

For what is, simply is

What good is reason
when we live such limited lives
limited in time and sense and cognition…

Can we ever come to know anything, even ourselves?

…True reasoning lies beyond humanity’s grasp:
how narrow a slice of reality is measurable
by paltry sciences,
how presumptuous our faiths in their dictums,
how trivial it all is!
Why pretend to try?
What’s the point?

There is none.

Oh. How freeing a thought.
To become purposeless specks floating in the dispassionate void –
free to fight and fuck and fling faeces like base ape – purposeless, but floating now

Humans persecute themselves with indulgent thoughts
But do pigeons suffer existential angst?
…Are you stupider than bird?

Relax, nothing is under control
If everything mattered, nothing would matter
But nothing matters, so what you choose matters

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