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“I’ve roamed the earth since the primordial gases settled. I watched as the first cell split in two. I’m the curse on men’s lips and yet reside in the lap of every gal. I have been called a saint and a god. The children of the Nile called me Bes for a time. I have been known as Eros and Valentine. My boy, I am a creature of love and death and the Lord of union and separation.”

“I come and go as I fancy. Arrogant speck! None hold dominion over me. Not the great hand in the dark nor the pull of its stars. Certainly not you. I could as easily pass eternity sifting through sand.”

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HOME - 1948

STEVE ROGERS as BRETT JOHNSON: You know I'd do anything for you Peggy.
PEGGY stands up and pulls BRETT to his feet also.
PEGGY: Would you now?
They begin to slowly DANCE without any music.
BRETT: I would. For you I'd risk it all.
PEGGY: Would you cross time for me?
BRETT: Ma'am. I'd bet the world on a second chance with you.
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Fuck it, I’m writing a Captain America 4 fanfic screenplay. Don’t @ me.

Felt like throwbacks 🔥

The marathon continues.

It never got any easier. He only got better at dealing with it afterwards. Sonny took a deep breath in and put the point of his knife to the stranger’s cheek. Perhaps the man would wake up; some did, others didn’t. It ultimately made no difference. The message was clear either way. As plain as the nose on their faces. They would never bother him again.

None ever retaliated or reported him to the authorities, just like his brother had told him all those years past. The best defence is offence. Sometimes Sonny’d cross paths with one of them by the markets. They were always men. And their gaze would immediately fall to their feet. Sonny would pretend not to see them, ashamed of his still-visible handiwork. And they would go about their days without bothering the other.

Sonny penetrated the skin and pulled down the face in a slow wide arc, his other hand pushing the stranger’s face down and away from him. The man twitched underneath him and moved. He didn’t wake. Sonny adjusted his position to accommodate the movements, riding the chest and shoulder with his knees.

He twisted the knife and arced back to make a giant S, that bled into the man’s eye. S for Sonny.

Their eyelashes always fluttered before they opened their eyes. Sonny waited uneasily, patiently. He felt most nervous at this point. What if he’d flubbed the dosage and they just bench-pressed him clean off? The man took a long moment to register his situation: gagged and immobilized, with a blade to the face.


He made throaty sounds with his voice and his nostrils flared frantically. Sonny swapped his hands over, keeping the man’s jaw firmly faced away from himself. He lined the knife with the stranger’s eyeline.

‘You settle down and behave if you want to see to morning.’

He could feel the man’s heart beating away under his right knee. His hard breathing blew gloopy strands of red blood across the floor. But the man didn’t resist.

‘You, sir, have only yourself to blame for this predicament. You prey on the feeble and weak. Do I look weak?’ Sonny turned the man’s face to him with the flat of the knife. ‘Look at me.’

The man shook his head and tears welled in the congealing pooling of blood about his right eye.

‘I swore to my brother that I’d never be prey again. That I would choose to never be a victim ever again. And that means sending a message to predators. Would-be predators.’ Sonny slowly undid the gag on the man’s mouth.

‘I ought to take an ear or nose right now.’ Sonny stood up and pulled the man up with him. ‘There will not be a next time.’ The man was clearly in shock, dusting his patterned shirt off even as fresh blood dripped down his face. ‘Say it.’

‘There will not be a next time.’

‘Good. Now fuck off.’

Sonny waited until the stranger fucked off before tucking away his blade. He got as far as a lamp-post before he had to throw up on a tree.

It never got any easier.

Screenshot of Netflix's Punisher season 1 finale, subtitled: "When you looked at your ugly, mangled face, you're gonna remember what you did."
on that note, Punisher season 2, let’s go
Go watch Into The Spider-Verse right now

Nothing’s gotten me more pumped to work on my own work this year than this movie.

I mean right fucking now

Take your kids. Take your nephews and nieces. Take your siblings. Take your grandkids, idgaf. Take your Tinder dates if you have to.