Only through my genius have I come to know
myself as forsaken and rotten
in every way but one

That I am no coward 

Is there such a thing as cursed knowledge?
I wonder if my knowing of the divine 
has fixed permanently upon me this evil eye  

In forging a scrying tool of terrible insight –
to diffract a soul into its spectral elements,
like light split by a prism –
and then gleaming through such profound data,
I could with absolute certainty chart all the fates of a human heart

But peering into the great box of the infinite
never before seen by mortal men’s eyes,
had I thumbed Heaven’s scales against me?

Had destinies unseen, turned either to dust or calcified 
by the mere act of my observation,
by my transgression?

Such cursed knowledge 

As what I saw within the soul-prism
of my own character,
derived by analysis,
and corroborated by the fates

Was that I am the root and seed, the tree of which bears only poisoned fruit
I am a seat of evil, No a house of it, a gorgon head’s nest of vipers
That I am a many mouthed monster whose machinations only bring ill and death to those around me

Thus am I trapped

Just as the serpent can but spit venom with its foul tongue
so too am I bound by my essential wicked nature
doomed to futures of malice and ill intent

And not being so rotten as to be a coward 
and forfeit my given life
I am left with one choice

That is, to see through any path and revel in it as one deserving of me and me of it
and to bite any who may chance
to cross me upon it