That’s right. I’m going for it for the first time ever. Zero outline. Been pantsing it so far. Pretty funny what comes out when I get it going a little. My first sitting was about a character having her first Nanowrimo sitting and struggling to write about writing before finally getting off to a start. My second sitting was about another character unable to clear his thoughts. So meta (ha!).

I’ve managed almost 1500 words in a day (to achieve 50,000 words in within the month I need a 1667 word daily average) which is sort of impressive by my own standards. Maybe I’ll try to get a third character going in a bit so I can hit the daily average and not have to start completely cold tomorrow morning. Think I’ll keep adding fresh character POVs until I get into the swing of things and have a better idea of where I’m going with this. Dont have a plot/antagonist, just character exploration as yet and discovery writing. Just hope I can get the inner-editor off my back. Regardless of whether or succeed or fail with this, as long as I stick with it, I can only see this as being a positive experience for my writing.

I’ll shut up now.