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Still pantsing for the most part. I dont get an idea of where I’m going for each sitting until the day of or, at best, the day before. But even then every single sitting has resulted in some sort of drastic impromptu left turn. 12th day but only just broke 10K words so I’m <50% the current expected word count (at 1667 words per day). Even so, I'm still kinda proud of the progress. Gonna still aim for the 50K since each sitting is getting me a larger amount of words, generally speaking. I'll definitely be disappointed if I dont make 30K by Dec 1 anyway.

I've been playing the hell through Bon Iver's albums back to back to back to get into the zone (fantastic chill music to write to by the way). Which it takes me hours to get into, whilst I sit at the computer and stall with everything under the sun. I actually dont get anything done usually until like 3am-7am. I think I managed a non-insomniac session once (9pm-10pm?) and the first day was just after midnight and those are my earliest sessions. To my recollection I think I've only missed one day of writing.

I wonder if any of these bad writing habits will change as the month goes on. Might pop into town for an odd group session or two, see if that sort of environment makes a difference. And even if it doesnt, it might help give a little morale boost at this point. I have to wonder though if I'll get the dreaded Week Two later down the line since I'm not writing to target. Hm.


That’s right. I’m going for it for the first time ever. Zero outline. Been pantsing it so far. Pretty funny what comes out when I get it going a little. My first sitting was about a character having her first Nanowrimo sitting and struggling to write about writing before finally getting off to a start. My second sitting was about another character unable to clear his thoughts. So meta (ha!).

I’ve managed almost 1500 words in a day (to achieve 50,000 words in within the month I need a 1667 word daily average) which is sort of impressive by my own standards. Maybe I’ll try to get a third character going in a bit so I can hit the daily average and not have to start completely cold tomorrow morning. Think I’ll keep adding fresh character POVs until I get into the swing of things and have a better idea of where I’m going with this. Dont have a plot/antagonist, just character exploration as yet and discovery writing. Just hope I can get the inner-editor off my back. Regardless of whether or succeed or fail with this, as long as I stick with it, I can only see this as being a positive experience for my writing.

I’ll shut up now.

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